Cirius B is a collaboration of eclectics inspired by hip-hop, jazz, classical discipline and the spiritual seriousness of traditional African music. Inspired by crews like Wutang and Boot Camp for believing in their own uniqueness; A Tribe Called Quest & De La Soul’s balance between the hood and consciousness; Nas, Biggie, Pac & Jay-Z  for their global influence; and The Fugees, The Roots, DILLA, Common, Outkast, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo, Slum Village, Roy Hargrove, Mos Def and Kweli and co., for their artistry, performance prowess and for creating a more positive & progressive atmosphere.  Taking the inspiration and tapping into the elder wisdom of Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, V.S.O.P, Fela Kuti, and
Bob Marley to bring a timely, mature, renaissance of art and style.

The music behind 623 is powered by this group of talented musicians and visionaries.  Lead MC and conductor Omari Bey aka AZIZ has put together this collective with the mission to train minds & souls to return to the Essence. To take our audience on an experience of healing thru sound and empowering messages. To be the most trained, dedicated, and communal band for the here and now. To be the backdrop of the music industry, developing the raw sound into a machine working to accommodate any style and any artists interested in our soundscape. 

Its the C, the I, the R, I, U, SB...